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With this first PT Gym Blog post for 2011 and the launch of this year’s ‘I Lost It at the Club’ 8 week weight loss challenge I thought it appropriate to review the first and most important requirement for weight loss. As a matter of fact, this is the only proven way to lose weight and no substantial scientific evidence exists to disprove it. Controlling your weight comes down to one thing – managing calories. You must create a calorie deficit to lose weight. A calorie deficit means you’re burning more fuel than you’re taking in. This forces your body to use stored fuel (body fat). You have to eat/drink less or move more or ideally a combination of both. Even if you don’t count calories, calories do count.

Hundreds of diet and weight loss programs have you eat and avoid certain foods or consume special pre-packaged foods or supplements. Many of these diets claim that calories don’t count, yet ironically if any of them are successful it is always done by reducing calories.

When it comes to good health, energy and performance, there is more to consider than calories. For these reasons we should limit refined and processed starches and grains, sugar and soft drinks and fried saturated foods. These foods do contribute to the surplus calories that lead to obesity but it is only the total sum of calories that need to be considered for weight loss.

Fats don’t make us fat. Carbohydrates don’t make us fat. No specific class of food makes us fat. It is only excess calories that make us fat. If we’re not losing weight it is not because our slow metabolism, because we are putting on muscle weight, not because of genetics, or any of the many excuses we come up with. It is only because of an improper caloric balance.

In the coming weeks we will look at the other factors important in a successful weight loss program. But remember, it all starts from having an ideal caloric balance.