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He works hard at the gym. The workout is a comprehensive program that includes a treadmill warm-up followed by an intense strength training program. Just for fun when not in the gym, he likes to ride his bike in events up to 100 miles long. I’m talking the kind you have to pedal, not the bright yellow motorized version he likes to ride to the gym on nicer weather days.

Her weight training workouts are just as grueling. She lunges, pushes, pulls, and twists. For a cardio workout she likes the elliptical and Precor AMT machines. She also has a passion for riding a bike. As her warm-up she will bike to the gym and also likes to do the evening spin class.

Dr. Eugene Clark and Bettye McCraine have been two of our most diligent members over the years and an inspiration to all at PT Gym. Oh, and did I mention they both just celebrated their 80th birthday! Happy Birthday Doc and Bettye. Wishing you both many more happy, active years ahead.