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Finding Time to Live

The death of three ‘bigger than life’ celebrities this week made many of us pause and think of our own mortality. Each of us have 168 hours in a week. How well do you use yours? If we are fortunate enough to live to be 100, how much living have we actually accomplished? If we have balanced lives (most of us don’t) and we spend 8 hours a day sleeping and 8 hours a day at a job we don’t really like we have ‘lived’ only 33 years! If you subtract the time for chores we must do, mundane activities of daily living and trivial arguments along with other wasted moments, our sands of time are depleting quickly.

What can we do? I certainly don’t have your answer, but I do know we need to enjoy every moment, while striving to positively impact the lives around us. We need to find some enjoyment in everything we do, including work and exercise. We cannot save time by missing sleep and exercise and eating for convenience instead of nutrition. We will defeat our purpose by dying sooner or losing our muscles’  functional ability as we age. So, reflect on your life for just a moment then take action including devoting 5 of those 168 hours/week to exercise. Only by doing so, will you have the confidence, energy and ability to enjoy your borrowed time on this planet, whether that is 33 years or 100 years plus.

What’s Your Excuse?