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It’s The Other 364 Days

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have a lot to be thankful for and was grateful to be able to spend time with family in North Carolina. Like most everyone else, as the New Year approaches I reflect on the past year and establish goals for the coming year.  As I enjoy the feast my Mom has prepared, I think about how we needlessly worry about sabotaging our fitness efforts with what we do during the holidays. I eat this way once, maybe twice a year, and I don’t intend to deny my gluttonous pleasure with unwarranted concerns.

Studies have shown that the weight we accumulate during the holiday period from Thanksgiving through Christmas accounts for a mere 1 to 2 pounds maximum. This can easily be dropped just by returning to our normal lifestyle and way of eating.  It’s the rest of the year we need to be concerned about. Just an extra 100 calories a day above our energy needs will equal an extra 10 pounds of  body fat a year. What we do on a day to day basis is what really matters. 

The Thanksgiving meal we have at Mom’s is not the problem, but those other Golden arches we frequent the other days of the year may be. Consider these world statistics from the World Health Organization and the McDonald’s Corporation:

  • 464,284,826 Obese Adults
  • 22,934,892 Obese Children
  • 197,609,354 Diabetes Cases
  • 31,000 McDonald’s®

By the time you read this blog, all of these numbers will have increased significantly.